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Teaser Burlesque Workshop

Join us Friday March 22nd 2024


$45.20 per person

Our Teaser Burlesque workshop is an engaging and empowering class designed to introduce participants to the art of burlesque, an expressive form of performance that combines theater, dance, and humor with the art of tease. Suitable for all levels, from beginners curious about the genre to experienced performers looking to refine their skills, the workshop covers a range of topics including basic dance moves, costume selection and creation, stage presence, and the development of unique, captivating personas. Led by experienced burlesque artists, participants will learn in a supportive and body-positive environment, encouraging self-expression, confidence, and creativity. This workshop offers a fun and inclusive way to explore one’s artistic side, connect with a vibrant community, and even prepare for performance opportunities in the world of burlesque.

Lunar Eclipse Workshop

Dive into a celestial journey of renewal and inner peace with our Lunar Eclipse Workshop, an immersive experience blending Yoga, Sound Bowl Healing, and Meditation. 

As the moon transitions through its phases, envelop yourself in the profound energies of the eclipse, guided by expert instructors in a serene setting. 

Begin with gentle, moon-inspired yoga sequences to awaken and align your body and spirit. Transition into a meditative state with the harmonic vibrations of sound bowls, resonating deeply to promote healing, balance, and relaxation. Conclude with guided meditation, leveraging the eclipse's potent energy to encourage introspection, release, and spiritual growth. 

This unique workshop is a sanctuary for anyone seeking to harmonize their inner world with the cosmic rhythms, offering a path to tranquility, clarity, and rejuvenation. 

Open to all levels, join us for a transformative evening of mindfulness, movement, and melody under the spellbinding lunar light.

No mediation or Yoga experience necessary! 

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